Travel-Ready Snack Packs You Can Make Yourself

1. DIY Hanging Snack Tower

DIY Hanging Snack Tower















2. Mason Jar Snack Shaker

Mason Jar Snack Shaker

Use an old carton top to make a mess-free snack shaker. Learn to make one here.

3. Celery Sticks in a Near-Empty Peanut Butter Jar

Celery Sticks in a Near-Empty Peanut Butter Jar

As easy as it sounds.

Recipe here.

4. Mess-Free Banana Split Bites

Mess-Free Banana Split Bites

They’re literally portable banana splits. Win. Recipe here.

5. Six-Pack Snack Pack

Six-Pack Snack Pack

Fill some empties with your fave goodies. Check out how to do it here.

6. DIY Single-Serving Snacks

DIY Single-Serving Snacks

Fill with hopes and dreams…and nuts, seeds — that stuff. Instructions here.

7. Marshmallow Construction Kit

Marshmallow Construction Kit

If you build it, they will come…and eat it. See how to make one here.

8. Pizza Roll-Ups

Pizza Roll-Ups

All the fun of pizza rolled up in a bun. Recipe here.

9. Snack Necklace

String only the best — and most fashionable — treats around your neck, ready for snackin’ at a moment’s notice. Recipe here.

10. Butterfly Snack Packs

Butterfly Snack Packs

The cutest thing you’ll ever eat. Recipe here.


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